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Terra Mítica

Terra Mítica is situated in Benidorm. You will discover all that is hidden on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea (Egypt, Greece, Rome, Iberia and the Islands); thousands of years of history transformed into many hours of fun and excitement. Take a ride on our Tizona attraction that will make your adrenalin levels shoot up with its 35 second sheer drop, 360º loops and corkscrew twists, or on the Magnus Colossus, the largest wooden rollercoaster in Europe.


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Ticket valid for access to the areas of Egypt, Greece and Rome. No changes or refunds are allowed.

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From 13 to 64 years old. Valid for 1 day. TERRA MITICA DEAL.
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For children aged 4 to 12, both inclusive. Select this option for a one-day visit.
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Over 65 years old. Valid for 1 day. TERRA MITICA DEAL.

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